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Detect and fix user configuration errors

How to find user configuration errors in active directory and how to fix them quickly

When you manage many Active Directory users manually, it’s easy to make mistakes, forget to set attributes, or set them incorrectly.

Active Directory One minimizes errors when creating users and allows errors to be reviewed for existing users by automatically generating a template based on the items contained in a group or organizational unit.

When you create a project and open a group or organizational unit, an algorithm reads the elements in the project and adds them to the current template. The template can then be used for new users, who will automatically have all the most common attributes set for their group or organizational unit.

The template can also be easily compared with existing users, highlighting all those who use attributes that are different from those expected

The template can be fully customized and can be used as a basis for new projects.

Watch the sample video…

Import, configure and export many Active Directory users

This video shows how to import 1000 users into Active Directory using an Excel or .csv format file that contains only first and last names. All other attributes needed to define user identities are created automatically using a managed template.
After creating the users, the videos shows how to export the list containing passwords and all useful attributes to be delivered to the human resources department.

School network user accounts management

This video demonstrates how to manage annual changes in a school using an Active Directory environment, such as enrollment opening/closing, class changes, student promotions and rejections, and more.

The school administration provides an Excel file containing the list of students and their assigned classes for the upcoming academic year.

The list is imported into Active Directory One, specifically into the students’ organizational unit in AD, allowing a comparison between the previous year’s student list and the anticipated list for this year.

With the user interface of the application, it is easy to validate the data after the comparison. Once the checks are completed, a single click is all it takes to store all the users in Active Directory in bulk.

Default values and rules

How to add users faster in Active Directory and how to correct errors with the management of default values and rules.


Create a shortcut structure for users’ home folders with just a few clicks.

Public folders

In this example we see how to create file system public folders in batch mode

Delegated users

This example show how to domain administrators can grant delegation to use ADAM for users who do not have administrative rights. Users can be enabled for management in specific organizational units or groups.

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