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Release notes

Installation prerequisites
The installation is Web-based, so your computer must be connected to the Internet throughout the process.
The following prerequisites are downloaded and installed automatically by the installer, or you can download and install them separately before installing the software.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows Powershell

Supported operating systems
Windows 11 : Pro – Enterprise – Educational
Windows 10 : Pro – Enterprise – Educational
Windows Server: 2022 – 2019 – 2016 – 2012R2 – 2012

Minimum system resources
Processor – 1 GHz / RAM memory – 2 GB / disk space – 100 MB.

Execution prerequisites
Active Directory One must run on an operating system joined to domain, the user must be a member of the same domain and must have local admin rights.
In order to operate on users, groups and organizational units, the user must have domain admin rights, alternatively he must be delegated by a domain administrator who can enable him for specific groups or organizational units.

Active Directory One has an integrated web updates feature, an active internet connection is required.

Email assistance to resolve any problems using the program, to contact us please use this form.

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